The IJC team of dedicated professionals provides a full array of services supported by our state-of-the-art construction loan management software. Our team’s specialized knowledge gives you the edge in successfully completing and resolving complex, non-conforming construction and funding matters.


  • Construction Funds Disbursement: IJC maintains a full-service disbursement program to efficiently manage and process construction progress draw disbursements draw requests quickly and accurately. Comprehensive accounting and streamlined communication services include disbursement processing, title search, inspection report, lien waivers, and escrow accounting.
  • Builder Review: Services include license verification, bonding and insurance validation, work-in-progress study, related experience study, and detailed reference and background checks.
  • Construction Cost Budget Analysis: Our team’s in-house experienced cost estimators review plans, specifications, and budget, providing you with a detailed report and opinion regarding adequacy of the construction funds.
  • Entitlement Verification/Status Analysis: Includes governmental review of requirements for project development, engineering concerns, conditional approval requirements, and status updates.
  • Construction Progress Inspections: Our seasoned professional inspectors visit the construction site, photograph and evaluate the construction progress, and complete a thorough, written report to determine funding decisions.
  • Loan Portfolio Inspection: Individual property analysis includes a visit to each site and property-specific analysis to determine any deferred maintenance, health, safety, or code compliance issues. Reports contain photographs, cost-to-cure estimates, and outstanding scope of work. Integrity is prepared to review a lender’s entire portfolio if desired.
  • Real Estate Owned Inspections: IJC can handle all the needs of a large or small REO portfolio. We visit each property to photograph and evaluate its condition and make recommendations regarding maintenance, health, and safety and code compliance issues. We also recommend scope and nature of repairs that can maximize return on the asset.
  • Completion Cost Analysis: Includes visit to the property to determine project status, a review of plans and specifications, and preparation of detailed line item costs to complete project. We also verify permit and inspection status with the governing jurisdiction.
  • Appraisal Review
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Change Order Review
  • Loan Documentation Review
  • Portfolio Management - Stress Testing
  • Construction Loss Mitigation
  • Mobile Notary